Pt. 1 – Capturing your audience: three ways to create short but memorable content.

At the heart of everything we do there is an underlining and pressing issue: we no longer create memorable content that evokes passion for change. There is, and I am sure we can all agree, an abundance of quick information in the form of articles and mobile application that allows us to make the most mundane of tasks even easier. We lack the need to dig deeper, and innovation, as a result, has left the ‘creatives’ producing content that feeds the need to create quick answers to a query.

The value for content is now produced in the form of instant gratification. Marketers produce content that somewhat satisfies their main audience query but fail to leave a long-lasting impression. What we truly want to avoid, as content creators, is for our audience to receive the type of information they are seeking for and be done with it. And what we are really in the hunt for, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, is the augmented, long-lasting impression of the type content produced that motivates, educates, inspire and it is ultimately shared.

Reading my opinion above might give you the impression that I am opposed to any form of content creation that is crafted in a short or simplified way and easy to consume. The truth, and as contradicting as all of this might read, is that I am a big advocate for the creation of short content; after all, we live in times when efficiency and brevity must fit the busy lives we live.

My case is for the creation of content that is memorable and well-thought for the consumption of your audience. So how to begin to create purposeful content without defaulting to old habits of making content that lack substance?

  1. Have a purpose. It is easy to forget why we do what we do. We are creatures of habit and often fall into the common and familiar daily workings of our professional lives. If this is where you are heading as you prepare to draft your content, stop right now! Instead, ask yourself the following questions: why am I producing this content? What will my readers gain from reading my content? If I was the reader consuming this type of content, would I share it with others? Is this the type of content that I can learn something about? Or in other words is this the type of content that is educational? Does this content motivate? Or inspires change? There are a plethora of questions you can ask yourself before you can begin producing your content. The more questions you have the better.


  1. Tell a story. Storytelling, in the simplest form, has a way of cultivating knowledge and experiences that allow us to relate to one another. It allows us to tell others the kind of morals we stand for as individuals or as a company. Storytelling not only exists in many cultures and is embedded as part of society; but has also proven to be an effective marketing tactic to further expand the value of your brand identity and message. Always keep in mind, that a story well-told is a story that resonates with your audience and is so compelling that even your readers have adopted it as a tool to emphasize a point for inspiration. So take the time to craft stories that reflect your struggles, your gains and victories as a company.


  1. Connect emotionally. There is nothing more significant in this world that unifies us as humans more than emotions. We are guided by emotions and why not be frank about it? Emotions are there to provide us with a channel for happiness, despair, confidence, empathy or love, but also it allows us to assimilate ourselves to the main message being communicated by others that might feel in a similar way.

 Producing emotionally charged content for your audience is a way to tap into the feelings of your audience and what matters the most to them. Don’t be afraid to get emotional and get going with a tearjerker, inspirational or a hilarious content idea that meets your audience’s view of your brand and seek to humanize your message and your brand.

 Memorable content that is created purposefully to capture the attention of your audience can have a big impact on the way your brand connects and builds relationships with your will be followers or brand loyalists. Take the included video for example. Although the content is clearly about a sunset, the guiding principle of the video is about capturing the moment and being inspired to achieve greater things, perhaps more than we give ourselves credit for. Marketers must think as a creative force which aims to reach a deeper level of engagement with their core audience, so why not spend the time to be consistent and purposeful for every content delivered?

The promised that we must try to maintain is; in the vast amount of influx of online information, there is a willingness from marketers to craft content that offer value and contain a more humanized approach to content creation. We often forget, in the age of digital disruption, that on the other side of the screen, you will find a person. Someone who is seeking out for knowledge or inspiration, just as you once did, to gain greater insight.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do you have any insight on how to produce short but memorable content?

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